We are not in Bangalore Days remake: Siddarth and Samantha



Bangalore Days is a superhit Malayalam film which was directed by Anjali Menon. The story of the film is about the affection and relationship between the cousins.

This film is being remade in Tamil. It was mentioned that Arya, Siddarth and Samantha will be cast.
Now Siddarth has mentioned that he is not acting in the remake of Bangalore Days and will soon disclose about his next film that he will be acting in 2015.
Siddarth is currently acting in Enakkul Oruvan. Similarly Samantha has mentioned, “I am not acting in the Bangalore Days remake. I am busy acting in three Tamil films and three Telugu films.
My roles in all these films have significance. Hence I should complete them first.” Bangalore Days was to be remade by PVP cinemas and directed by Bommarillu Bhaskar. In the view of the foregoing it is doubtful that whether Arya will act in the film.

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