Udhayanidhi wants to remake Pandiarajan’s Aan Paavam

Udhayadhini-wants-to-remake-Aan-PaavamRemember the 1985 super-duper hit film Aan Paavam which starred Pandian, Revathi, Seetha, Pandiarajan, V.K. Ramasamy and Janagaraj and directed by the diminutive Pandiarajan himself? Almost three decades afte the release of the hilarious comedy, producer-actor Udhayanidhi has expressed his desire to star in the remake of the film.
Pandiarajan’s script, performance of the lead artistes and Ilaiyaraaja’s music aided by pleasing cinematography by the late Ashok Kumar resulted in the film’s super-duper success. Pandiarajan, a protégé of ‘king of screenplay’ K. Bhagyaraj, had made the film as a pleasing entertainer on the lines of many successfulm films by his guru.
Despite this being the age of remake, surprisingly enough, not many producers have come forward to remake the film. Even Pandiarajan wanted to remake it starring his son Prithvi. However, he has abandoned the idea as he has no visible substitutes for the roles essayed by V.K. Ramasamy and Kollangudi Karuppayee in the film.
Speaking to newsmen on the eve of release in theatres of his latest film Nannbenda, Udhayanidhi said “Nannbenda is almost the remake of my Oru Kal Oru Kannadi.
My personal wish is to star in the remake of Pandiarajan’s Aan Paavam which is a hilarious comedy. All the chracters were excellent in the film. If everything goes well, I might star in Pandiarajan’s role; let’s see!”

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