Rajini determined to ensure success of next film with Shankar



Not often superstar Rajinikanth is made to feel so embarrassed by the distributors who take up the release and distribution of his films. Rajini, the hero with the highest percentage of hit films in the country, is being embarrassed to a great deal by a few distributors who claim that his latest release Lingaadidn’t make them earn profits and are seeking his intervention to get compensation from the film’s producer.

Sources close to Rajini say that he is well aware of the political equations coming into this issue but is keeping mum for the time being. Meanwhile, he has already reportedly started the preparatory work for his next film which would be directed by Shankar and would be the sequel to the super-successful Enthiran.
If it is confirmed, it would be the third film by the Rajini-Shankar combo after Sivaji:The Boss & Enthiran: TheRobot.
The craze as to ‘what would be Rajini’s next film’ has never waned for the past three decades and it is only getting better even as Rajini marches on as the indisputable ‘King of Kollywood’. Some time back, it was announced that Shankar had narrated the script of the Enthiran sequel to Rajini and won his approval.
It was also stated that Aishwarya Rai would be repeated again opposite Rajini in the film as its first heroine.
Hunt is said to be on for another actress who would play the second heroine in the film which is likely to be made in Hollywood style by Shankar.

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