Puli crew supports Shruthi Haasan


Since Shruthi Haasan had walked out of KarthiNagarjuna’s film, the producer has filed a case against her in the High Court. At this juncture, there was news that Shruthi Haasan had quit this film in order to don the female lead role in a leading actor’s film.

Now the Puli producers have released a statement stating that Shruthi Haasan has allotted dates to act in Puli. In the statement, it has been mentioned, “The final schedule shooting of Puli is taking place inThalakonam tourist spot.
Art director Muthuraj has erected a huge village set at this place where the lake and the forest amalgamate. He worked hard for two months with 150 laborers.
If Shruthi Haasan does not participate in the shooting during the month of April, we will have to dismantle the entire set because this place will be filled with tourists during the month of May. Because of this we will incur a heavy loss.
We had informed Shruthi Haasan regarding this. She understood our situation. With good intention she participated in the shooting. Shruthi has not gone to act in any other films. Seeing the producer’s plight, she allocated some more dates. We are very grateful to Shruthi Haasan.”

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