Parvathy’s brave fight against chicken pox



Parvathy, the ‘Maryan’ and ‘Poo’ girl, was diagnosed with chicken pox recently. But she is putting on a brave face, and is even spreading awareness on the ailment.

Uploading a latest photograph of her on her social media timeline, the actress, whose next release is Kamal Haasan’s ‘Uttama Villain’, said, “Warning- this post is not for those who get disgusted reading about diseases. Readers discretion advised!”
And she added: “Here’s a funny state to be in- I have Chicken Pox!!! Tadaaa..! And why am I sharing my face full of boils with all of you and smiling?! Because a) I have a request to make. b) There is a positive side to this after all! So the positive side is- This is one disease that if once contracted, doesn’t do a second round ever! (Or so I am told!) So I’m trying to be patient and calm.
But not everyone can afford this state of mind and hence the following request – I contracted it after having travelled by train last week. If any of you are showing symptoms or are still recovering- please AVOID public transportation at all costs! Let’s educate ourselves on this ridiculously painful, contagious disease.
Not everyone is blessed with a family to take care of them and the resources to get medications and food like many of us do. Especially those who cannot afford to lose a day’s work. Let’s be kind and responsible now. There, just a thought! Stay safe!”

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