Does Dhanush want the title of ‘Ilaiya Superstar’



Does Dhanush, son-in-law of Superstar Rajinikanth want the title of ‘Ilaiyar Superstar’ prefixing his name? It appears so as the actor has re-tweeted in response to a tweet by one of his excited fans who has congratulated him on the eve of release of Dhanush’s latest film Anegan.

Superstar Rajinikanth is the only ‘superstar’ in Indian films in general and Tamil films in particular. Rajini’s millions of fans all over the globe can never digest another Tamil actor getting referred to by the title of ‘superstar’.
Over the years, fans of Ajith and Vijay have clashed many times as to who among the two heroes would be the next superstar. However, Ajith has said openly that he wasn’t in the race and didn’t want the title.
Simbu used to prefix his name with ‘little superstar’ and later as ‘young superstar’. In what could be the half-translation into Tamil of Simbu’s ‘title’, a Dhanush fan has referred to his favourite hero as the ‘Ilaiya Superstar’.
Dhanush has responded to this particular fan by re-tweeting and accepting the former’s congratulatory message which only affirms the fact that Dhanush is not against using this title.
One has to wait to see whether Dhanush plans to use this title in future in the title cards of his films!

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